Be Prepared for the Snowy Days!

Be Prepared for the Snowy Days!

Just like the holidays, snowy days sneak upon us. This year be prepared with activities to keep your children active and off the electronics.


5 Creative Activities to Bring Fun


1. Grab all those large amazon shipping boxes, some duck tape, and scissors. Have each child create a cardboard sled. Then create a race. The first one down wins.


2. Hold a contest to create the best one of a kind snowman. Let each child dig through their closet and pull out 5 items that they can use to build the best looking snowman. You can say all outside items do not count towards you 5 items you can use as many as possible. Feel free to put stipulations like no shoes or school clothes.


3. Kids had enough fun outside? Many Etsy artists create kids craft kits. Stock up now and hide them away. A few of our favorites – of course, our Flower Power arrangement (also available on Etsy), string art, wooden bird house, or coil basketry. There are many others ideas search and type in craft kits.


4. Create snow cream. After a fresh snow fall look for the clean snow, scoop it into a bowl, add a ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a little milk. Stir up and enjoy.


5. Create snow angels. Not familiar with this – take a look at this #YouTube video we found online that will show you how.

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