Fighting Allergies with Aromatherapy Oils

Fighting Allergies with Aromatherapy Oils

Spring season is here! For some of us, spring brings itchy eyes, runny and itchy nose, and sinus headaches from tree and plant pollen, dust, and other airborne allergens are everywhere, even indoors.


Allergies continue to increase with climate change and warmer winters create longer allergy seasons. The most common allergens are pollen, dust mites, mold, insect stings, animal dander, latex, medications, and food.


There are many medications to help with seasonal allergies; why not try alternative natural supplements that can help? Essential oils are natural and effective treatments that can help allergies by reducing inflammation and taming the body's response to the allergens. Essential oils boost the immune system, help detox and eliminate parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections. These four essential oils are some of the most effective oils to help overcome allergies.

Peppermint oil is one of the most effective essential oils to help clear congestion, open airways, unclog the sinuses, and relieve headaches. As stated by Plant Therapy, "it is cooling to the skin helps reduce the acute pain associated with headaches. Diluting Peppermint in your favorite carrier oil and applying it topically on the temples and back of the neck has shown to relieve pain and be a well-tolerated alternative to taking the edge off a headache. You can also rub a small amount under your nose to open your sinuses."


The anti-inflammatory effects of peppermint oil help stop the chronic inflammation of seasonal allergies and asthma—diffuse peppermint oil in the air. Use about five drops of peppermint oil with water in a diffuser at home to help unclog sinuses and open airways. Peppermint also helps make you feel more energetic and alert. You can also try 1-2 drops of Plant Therapy peppermint oil to water, coffee, or tea to reduce inflammation.


For seasonal allergies, Lavender oil is an excellent resource. It contains natural antihistamines that help tone down your body's reactions to pollen, dust, and other airborne allergens. Place a few drops on the palms of your hands, rub together and inhale; or dab on your forehead, cheek, and chest. Lavender oil is mild and will not irritate the skin, and very calming and relaxing; it works well at nighttime. Use a diffuser for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to help you sleep better. To create a blend, take a 10ml roller bottle, add four drops of Peppermint and six drops of lavender. Fill with a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba oil to create a head ease relief blend that you can take with you and use at any time. Roll on your temples, neck, and behind your ears.


For the bath, to get the most out of your oil, first, fill the tub up. Mix six drops of lavender with one tablespoon of carrier oil. Add it to the bathwater. This will allow you to get the full aromatic effect instead of the oil escaping into the bathroom. By mixing with the carrier oil the scent does not escape into the air. Lavender oil has various uses and is a great oil to have on hand.


Eucalyptus oil is a refreshing, slightly medicinal menthol smell that helps open up the sinuses and improve breathing. A favorite among many. Diffuse 5 to 8 drops of eucalyptus in a diffuser or apply it topically to the chest, back, or temples. Add 3 to 4 drops of eucalyptus oil to a large bowl of boiling water, place a large towel over your head and the bowl, inhale deeply for 5-10 minutes—an allergy treatment to help with any respiratory issues, and inflammation. An excellent roller blend is a eucalyptus and lavender oil with a carrier oil of your choice.


Lemon oil's fresh citrus smell will help soothe respiratory issues. When diffused, lemon oil is especially effective at killing molds, bacteria, and other airborne allergens. A #1 favorite roller blend from LivingWellMom for allergies. Add 3-5 drops of each oil, peppermint, lemon, lavender into a 10ml roller bottle. Fill with fractionated coconut oil, place the rollerball and cap, then roll back and forth in your hands to blend the oils together. A simple yet effective allergy blend.


Essential oils are powerful in helping to fight off the effects of seasonal allergies. At Caron Designs, we have a line of aromatherapy jewelry and are coming out with aromatherapy roller blend and bath oil kit. Be the first to hear the announcement of the new kits, sign up to receive our e-newsletter updates on new releases and special events.


We use Plant Therapy essential oils and in our new kits, we will only be using Plant Therapy oils. The roller blend kits allow you to create two roller blends and bath oil enabling you to experience and create without the hassle. Essential oils should be kept in a cool place and used within 1-3 years depending upon the oil. Interest in learning more about essential oil - check out Plant Therapy 101 on essential oil or sign up for this amazing class Aromatherapy- Using Essential Oils For Natural Living (5 CE) by Mark Perren-Jones, Certified Aromatherapist, and Spa Owner.


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