How to Make Felted Balls in 5 Easy Steps

How to Make Felted Balls in 5 Easy Steps

I enjoy making felted balls. It is my way of relaxing after a full day in the office. They are also so cute and soft all together in a bag. We use them to make earrings, bracelets, hair clips, garland, ornaments, and of course dry balls.

I purchase wool pre-dyed because it is easier than purchasing natural dyes and making a huge mess in my studio. I purchase large bags of a variety of colors. To make the balls I use a process called wet felting; which is layers of raw wool with warm sudsy water.

1. Determine the amount of wool you want to use. I recommend weighing it so that you can track the amount of wool you used and be able to make the same size over and over again.

2. Fill a pan with hot water and add Dove dish detergent – you want the water hot and sudsy.

3. Dip your ball wool into the water and begin to shape it.

4. Round and round it goes in your hand similar to forming a meatball but continuous movement until it becomes firm. If you feel it is not forming; roll it more vigorously if it becomes dry dip in hot water again.

5. Set the ball to dry. If you want to dry it faster put them in linen back and toss in the dryer with face clothes in the bag.


We have a Felting Acorns Craft Kit. In this kit you all the essentials to create felted balls to make acorn ornaments. Take a look.


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