Caron Designs will open it new studio in 2024 for workshops, shows, and special gatherings. We are one of the only private studios in the area that allows others to join their wonderful creative space have fun and create.

We welcome other artists to demonstrate and teach new techniques. Want to learn something new, please email us and we will do our best to locate the best instructor.



ARTISTRY is the Guilford Art Center’s annual holiday sale of fine craft, jewelry, and unique objects from artists throughout the country. It is Shoreline’s most unique shopping destination to purchase distinctive and unique holiday gifts. November 1, 2024 – January 10, 2025




Introduction to Needle Felting
This introductory course is designed to ignite your creativity and imagination. Needle felting is a versatile and tactile art form that allows you to sculpt wool fibers into charming three-dimensional creations using a barbed needle. Throughout this hands-on course, students will learn the fundamental techniques and principles of needle felting, from selecting suitable materials to mastering basic techniques. If time permits, participants will create a felted decorative pin, heart, and balls for acorn caps. No prior experience is necessary. 

Introduction to Wet Felting: Discover the Art of Creating with Wool and Water
Wet felting is a centuries-old technique that manipulates wool fibers with soap, water, and agitation to create beautiful, felted fabrics and three-dimensional objects. This hands-on course is perfect for beginners with no prior experience in felting. You will learn the fundamental techniques and principles of wet felting to create a one-of-a-kind wool-felted soap. If time permits, you can make wool balls for acorn caps.

Explore the Art of Glass Fusion
Unlock your creativity and dive into the fascinating world of fused glass in this beginner-friendly class designed to introduce you to the art of glass fusion. Fused glass, also known as kiln-formed glass, offers endless possibilities for creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of art by melting and fusing glass in a kiln. This hands-on course is perfect for beginners with no prior glass art experience. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you will learn the basic techniques and principles of fused glass with free glass to create stunning works of art.

Artist Retreat
We are working on 2024 Artist Retreat Weekend Getaway in Vermont. We have a new studio being built and are excited for a 2024 opening. In 2023 we had an amazing time with a weekend filled with activities - hiking, learning different techniques with acrylic painting, felting, Lego art, and wire wrap jewelry. The group also enjoyed some great food and conversation. Keep informed of upcoming events, email us.